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    Is it a good idea to date a known cheater? 

    dating a cheater friendDating a cheater

    Are you Friends With a Cheater?

    It happens to all of us. We’re friends with a guy who we know is player but for whatever reason we fall for them. Serial cheaters can be very charming, handsome, witty, and wild. In other words, it’s easy to be attracted to them and that’s why they always have a flock of girls buzzing around them. So once you start getting romantic feelings for them, and you’re thinking you might be just the girl to reign them in, here’s a few things you should know.

    Is Your Cheating Friend Starting to Grow on You?

    So he’s started to grow on you and now you’re wondering what it would be like to be more than just friends. What if you’re the girl who can bring him to heel and make him see the light of monogamous relationships? What if sex with you is all the sex he will ever need for the rest of his life?

    It’s a nice story, but cheaters don’t think like that. They love the idea of having sex with every girl they meet. It’s a power thing for them and you should know that before getting into it. I made this mistake once. I had a friend who was a notorious philanderer, cute, charming, smart, funny, but he just wasn’t big on monogamous relationships. That wasn’t his relationship style. It wasn’t personal. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He just wasn’t about all that monogamy stuff and my belief that I could turn him into a civilized monogamist was foolhardy and misguided.

    Dating a Known Cheater is Dangerous

    When we started sleeping together, it was great. I instantly fell in love with him. In some ways I’m still in love with him even though I’m happily attached and in a monogamous relationship with someone I care deeply for. But sex with my cheater friend was dangerous and thrilling, as was every aspect of our relationship. When we were together I knew he was with me and only me, and that made me the most powerful girl in the room, because all the other girls wanted him too. But it didn’t last.

    Is it Worth the Risk?

    To his credit, he never cheated on me in the traditional sense. He never went behind my back or lied to my face about where he had been. He was smart enough to know who he was and what he wanted from relationships. He was smart enough to know that there were girls out there who shared his values when it came to sex and romance and that I wasn’t one of them. He said he didn’t want to disappoint me or hurt me. That he loved me and respected me. At the time I didn’t believe him because I was hurt that he was breaking up with me. I didn’t understand why if he was having sex with me he had to go out and have sex with other girls too. In time I forgave him though. He was just being who he was.

    Think Long and Hard, Then Act on Impulse

    If you think you’re going to turn your hot cheater friend into your personal boyfriend, think again. It’s not in his DNA to be in a monogamous relationship and there isn’t anything you can do to change that. But you should try anyway. The time I spent with him was kind of awesome, and even though it faded quickly, it burned hot for the short time we were together.

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    5 Ways to Hide your Cheating 

    hide your cheating affairsHide Your Cheating

    Hide Your Cheating — Keep Your Partner Happy

    The main incentive to hide your cheating is keeping your partner happy. I’ve been in that position, and I imagine that you have too. As people who have cheated, there’s really no emotional weight heavier to carry than the weight of knowing that a deed you’ve done has the potential to crush someone else. So, take it from me — do all you can to hide your cheating ways in order to make sure that your partner won’t be devastated with news of what you’ve done.

    Cover Your Steps

    Make sure that there is no morsel of cheating evidence in all of Hervey Bay, Australia that can point back to the fact that you’ve cheated. Leave no rock unturned, and I almost mean that literally. This means that you take great pains to cover all your steps in removing browser history evidence that would indicate your infidelity, as well as ensuring that no one other than you and your lover knows what you’re doing behind your partner’s back. Think outside of the box here, because there’s really no shortage of things that a partner would do to track down a cheater.

    Communicate With Your Lover

    Make sure that you communicate with your lover frequently while you’re having an affair, and that the lines of interaction are always in tact. A sudden silence on your end will lead your partner to become suspicious, and suspicion is something that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure that your relationship remains vibrant, alive, and communicative while you are engaged in the act of cheating.

    Hiding Affairs — Consider All Possibilities

    When it comes to hiding affairs, it’s important to think of shunning all efforts on behalf of your partner to discover whether you are cheating. This means that you must ensure that no one got into your phone when you weren’t looking, and that you weren’t followed when you met your lover at the hotel. When suspicion strikes, your partner might do everything they can to catch you in the act, so you must avoid that at all costs. I’m particularly familiar with the importance of this point, since one of my ex partners once implanted a gps tracker in my car when I was on my way to see my lover. I actually had the foresight to check my car that day, so I ended up avoiding the horrible confrontation. Still, it serves as a lesson that you can never really be too comfortable.

    Getting Caught — It’s Not Over Yet

    If the worst case actually arises, and your partner catches you red-handed with your lover, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the end of the relationship. In fact, in my experience, every time I was caught red-handed in bed with a lover by my partner, we always managed to rekindle our flame and work on the relationship past the incident. Of course, I would keep on cheating again and again, so the relationship eventually always ends up fizzling out. However, I’m somewhat of a lost cause when it comes to this sort of thing; if you get caught cheating by the one you love, and you’re devastated enough by the guilt to want to work on the relationship past that point, there’s always a possibility that your lover will take you right back.

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    5 Different Types Of Cheating 

    cheating typesDifferent Types Of Cheating

    Signs that they are full-on cheating

    There are many different types of cheating that can occur, all of which will hurt the person you’re dating if they found out about it. With so many different types of cheating, it can become quite complicated to know what your partner is really up to. Luckily, you can learn all about the different signs of cheating that will lead you to believe that your partner is full-on cheating on you. I started my doubting my husband’s fidelity when his routine changed completely. He started working longer hours, not making a lunch for work, and suddenly going golfing almost every weekend in Nowra-Bomaderry. All these clues led me to believe that he was dating someone from his office and using ‘working late’ as an excuse to go to her house after work to be with her. Also, his golf clubs looked untouched and were collecting dust in the backseat of his car.

    What defines a cheater?

    What defines a cheater? Well, for starters sleeping with other people behind your lover’s back is probably the most common way of describing a cheater. But there are so many different ways that a person can be unfaithful towards their lover. For example, if someone is constantly checking people out, hitting on them, and wishing they could sleep with them, they are not really considered as cheaters. But if their lovers knew about this, it would still hurt their feelings. To learn more about emotional cheating, read our guide on the subject.

    Is cheating black and white?

    A lot of people think that cheating is black in white. So basically: did you have intercourse or not? But defining cheating by this simple action leaves a lot of room for other infidelities. Cheating is not black and white because cheating is a spectrum of actions. If you make out with someone who isn’t your lover — this is cheating. If you cuddle with someone in a sexual manner — this is cheating. If you need some help determining what counts as cheating, read our guide on the subject.

    Is sexting cheating?

    Sexting and watching porn have become somewhat of a norm in today’s society. But what would you do if you caught your husband or wife sending sexy emails and pictures to a stranger on the internet? You would probably consider it as cheating and look at them in a completely different light, right? Sexting should be considered as cheating because the person is getting off at the thought of it and being intimate with someone they aren’t involved with. Also, sexting someone or chatting with people online can usually lead to an invitation to meet in person, which would end up giving this person the opportunity to cheat skin-to-skin.

    Flirting with other people

    A lot of people say that flirting is a healthy thing to do, and although this might be true for a single person, I’m not so convinced that it is true for someone who is taken. If your partner is constantly flirting with people wherever they go, it is going to make their lover feel insecure and doubtful over their fidelity. Also, when you flirt with people, it makes others think that you are single, making you look available, which can give people the wrong idea.

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    Reaching forgiveness after adultery 

    adultery forgiveness cheatingForgiving adultery

    Once Adultery is Discovered, There’s no Going Back

    This kind of betrayal is difficult to forgive emotionally. Surprisingly, however, the majority of marriages do survive infidelity, at least for awhile. In some cases the trust that formed the backbone of the marriage is forever eroded and thereafter it’s only a matter of time before the whole marriage goes pear shaped. Even then the adultery isn’t the cause of the divorce, it’s only a symptom of something that was missing in the first place. If you’ve been the victim of an adulterous spouse, these are the steps you need to take in order to move beyond the affair and forgive them for cheating.

    Ask a lot of questions concerning the affair

    Firstly, what you want to do is get all the facts concerning the affair. The tendency here is to become obsessive and to not be able to get the thought of your unfaithful partner out of your head. If you can get every detail it sort of ties up that loose end so ask questions until there’s nothing left to know. What you want to pay specific attention to is your partner’s emotional state and why they cheated. If you’re really interested in saving your marriage then you’re going to need to empathize with your partner, which may sound difficult, considering how hurt you are. It’s necessary though to always see things from the perspective of those who hurt you in order understand why it happened in the first place. The more information you have the better.

    At this stage, tempering your emotions is key. No matter how badly you want to scream or throw things, your partner is not going to disclose information to someone who is in rage-mode. Not, at least, if they have a shred of self-preservation left within them. So be sure you’re calm before you pump them for information.

    Address your feelings concerning the affair

    You’re going to want specifically to talk about how the affair made you feel. Instead of telling them about themselves and how crappy of a human being they are, focus on how their actions made you feel. The single best indicator of whether a marriage can survive an affair or not is the cheating partner’s capacity to empathize with the spouse they cheated on.

    How to Forgive Someone for Betraying the Trust

    You can forgive someone without letting them off the hook. It helps if you can figure out what extenuating circumstance led to the affair. When there is a situation reason like tension within the marriage, squabbles over money, kids, work, or whatever else, sometimes that tension leads partners to seek intimacy outside their marriage. This isn’t an excuse, but it does explain why the affair happened. Your feelings matter. If your partner matters, your feelings will matter to them too. So forgive them, yes. But don’t let them off the hook.

    Forgiveness after Adultery is Possible

    Painful memories do fade, and under the right circumstances, trust can be rebuilt. In fact, the communication tools you learn when you’re dealing with a marital crisis like this can actually make your marriage stronger. Sometimes this involves getting a marriage counselor to work you through this difficult period. Marriage counselors can be beneficial because they teach you how to communicate with one another in more effective ways. But if the will to repair the marriage is there, it can be done. But both parties have to commit to that choice.

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    Hiring A Private Detective To Find Out If He’s Cheating: Can You Handle The Truth? 

    private detectivePrivate Detective For Cheating

    Hiring a detective for cheating purposes

    Hiring a private detective for cheating purposes is a lot more common than you would think. Sure, private investigators usually help find missing people or valuables, but it makes complete sense that a private detective would also be good at figuring out if someone’s partner is cheating or not. The great thing about hiring a private detective is that they don’t only catch your partner in the act, but they can trace their steps all the way back to their first affair. If hiring a private detective sounds too expensive, you can try buying some spy tech and setting it up around your house.

    Private detectives can help

    Private detectives can help you put an end to a cheating spouse, and they can do this by snooping around and collecting dirt on them. Sure, they might cost expensive, but sometimes it is very worth it. If you happen to be a rich individual and suspect your wife or husband of cheating, hiring a private investigator is going to be a breeze. For some people, finding out whether or not their partner is cheating as no price, especially if they are going through a divorce and want to pay less alimony. Since a cheating spouse usually collects less in a divorce case, catching your spouse red handed can be crucial.

    Picking up on cheating clues

    When I lived in Hamilton, I was happily married and living in a large home. Since I worked long hours to support my family, I always suspected my husband of cheating on me because he was alone a lot of the time. Since I wanted to be sure that my husband wasn’t cheating on me, I started trying to pick up on some cheating clues, but I could not could not find any. At first I thought that maybe he wasn’t really cheating on me, but I highly doubted it because he was much younger than me and quite good looking.

    He cheated before, he might do it again

    Eventually, I started paying the staff in my house to tell me if they saw anything suspicious concerning my husband, and a couple days later I received news that my husband had been inviting a younger woman over to our home. When I confronted him about it, he apologized for the affair and promised that it would never happen again, and I decided to forgive him. I continued to pay my staff to keep an eye on him, but since I was not receiving any news I decided to drop it. That is, until I divorce papers were handed to me by my lawyer. Upon reading my husband’s requests, I found out that he wanted to get alimony, and that he was asking for a ridiculously high amount.

    A private detective can catch him cheating

    Since I would have to pay my husband less alimony if he was caught cheating, I hired a private detective to investigate my husband. This proved to be an excellent idea because he was able to dig up a cheating-archive that dated back to the beginning of our relationship. If you suspect your husband or wife of cheating, but want to be sure before you hire a private detective, read our guide on how to spot a cheater.

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