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    Always Have a Date: Tips For Keeping Your Life Full Of Great Women in the World 

    Online dating is really fun. It can also get really annoying, and make you feel super lonely. The best way to avoid this is to date multiple women. In essence you’re playing the field. So you need to make sure your field is full of quality players. Have you ever heard of the phrase the “spaghetti method”? Imagine throwing a bowl of spaghetti at a wall. You then see which of those stick. Not all will stick to the wall, but some will. This is how one should approach dating. Spread out your chances by dating as many women possible.

    dating multiple womenHow to get a life full of women

    How to manage a “woman pipeline”, and make sure you always have one or two women in your like at all times

    Invest your time wisely

    You’ve got to spend the time into finding the right women. This may mean countless hours pursuing women, that end up meaning nothing to you. Just like with anything in life, you have to work at it. I know plenty of guys that look around for months before they found just one lady to date. Your goal should be to work as hard as possible, until you find multiple women who want to date you. This way you’ll never be alone.

    Use multiple dating platforms

    This is an amazing adult dating site that can help you out. You have to do some research and see what dating sites produce the best kind of women that you’re attracted to. Everyone has a type, and you do to. So it will be helpful to find the right site that caters to your desires. For example, if you like older women, try to find a dating website designed for women of a certain age.

    Don’t just have one

    If you have one woman you like, do not stop there. If you “put all your eggs into one basket”, you risk getting hurt. Dating multiple women will allow for you to stay as happy as possible. If one woman rejects you, it won’t be painful if you have 3 more that are interested in you. Dating is all about a process of elimination. You cannot get too attached to one, you need to keep your options open. This will method will protect your ego, and your feelings.

    Keep them all interested

    Keeping multiple women interested in you could become quite tedious. You need to keep them all interested in you, so that you can have as many dates as possible. A good way of doing this is coming up with a plan of action that will work on all of them. For example, if you’re going to call one to tell her you miss her, call all of them consecutively. Make a checklist and keep track of who you’re contacting, and when. Share the same stories with them. That way you’ll never get them mixed up. You will always need to get all of them to like you.

    Delay honesty

    Most women want to feel special. They do not like knowing that they are one of many. If you want to date multiple women, to increase your chances of success; never be honest. If one of them asks if you are seeing anyone else, be as vague as possible. A misstep here will result in losing one of your many women. If she is scorned she may even try to contact the other women you are dating. Keep is casual, and light hearted.

    Don’t over schedule yourself

    Dating multiple women will always be fun. You may get so excited that you will want to fill up all your time with them. Remember though, a woman can be exhausting. Now multiply that by how many women you’re dating. They will all want something from you. They may even all want it at the same time. Allow your schedule to be open enough to cater to them, if you need to. This will be a delicate dance you will need to perform. It can be accomplished masterfully.

    Final Words

    Make sure you are ready to date multiple women. It may be easier than you think, to find many women to date at the same time. The real questions is, will you be able to handle it? It will take a man of great courage, and emotional intelligence to do something like this. Are you that kind of man? Are you a real man among wannabe men. If you are, the rewards of all your hard work will be limitless joy.

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    Tags: bad guys are sexy, casual sex, dating profile pictures, , single ladies   

    How To Make Your Profile More Bad-Ass 

    best dating profileHow To Improve Your Profile

    If there was no online dating then we would not be able to test the theory that bad guys are sexy, and get the most single ladies. But we are lucky enough to have tons of online dating sites that help bring men and women together for casual sex. The one theme that I have noticed over the years is that bad guys always get the girls online – they are always the ones enjoying casual sex here and there. Bad guys can mean a lot of things. It’s a visual factor having to do with dating profile pictures, as well as a descriptive factor. No doubt there is some fabrication going on here, which is what I want to focus on. How can you make a profile that screams bad-ass even if you are actually just a regular guy? What are the key things that every male profile needs to seem bad-ass, and therefore, more alluring to women? Is it okay to lie on your profile just to get laid? Well it sure is in my books, and it sure should be in your books too.

    Think about any resume you have ever written of yourself. Was it all completely factual? Probably not. Did it show off sides of yourself that were more bad-ass than they actually are? Definitely. So take inspiration from that and re-do your online profile to market yourself for more appealing for casual sex, because that’s what online dating is all about.

    Bad Guys Are Sexy

    The image of the 1950’s bad guy is a good place to start. You’ve seen photos of James Dean right? That’s the kind of thing to start thinking about, with you as James Dean. Picture you as a guy in boots, jeans, a leather jacket, greased back hair, a cigarette dangling in his mouth, and a pouty smile on his face. Is that possible? Let me tell you that had better be, because that’s how to get laid these days.

    Bad guys always have cars or motorcycles, and they don’t have very many interests outside of having fun and playing pool. That is if you live on the east coast. If you live on the west coast, mention something about surfing. If you live in the prairies, then it’s all about the cowboy stereotypes. These are broad outline themes for you to use as a guide when you create a profile on a dating site.

    The bad guy also says very little about himself, but would have many photos. Let the impressive image of yourself do most of the convincing. We are an exceptionally visual culture anyways, so why try and convince using words when your looks are the major thing that matters? I recommend getting a friend with a good camera to take some excellent photos of you. Bad-ass guys care about their looks. They are not jocks or computer tech guys – they are fancy men who like to live life in the fast-lane. So even if you don’t feel connected to these themes, it will help your dating profile to pretend that you are.

    Single Ladies

    What do you think single ladies want to see in a sexual partner? Brutal honesty and realism? Heck no. They want some fiction, some exciting lofty-ness that excites them out of the boring day to day. That’s the kind of impression you want to give each person that views your profile, because realistically you will only sleep with them once or twice anyways, so why worry about making an honest profile of yourself?

    Single ladies are in the the dating game because they like these challenges. Even though there are some ladies who are using the internet to have online affairs, the majority of ladies are single and looking for some action. So why not play yourself up and get them to come over one night?

    Dating Profile Pictures

    Aside from making up some bad-ass hobbies like motorcycling or snowboarding, I suggest putting up your height by a couple inches. No ladies I know like short men, so give yourself a little boost. It’s all the the best dating profile picture you can imagine, so make it happen no matter what. It will make all the difference in your pursuit for casual sex.

    I also recommend answering the personality questionnaire in a way that sounds more like James Bond than you. It’s going to mean that some of the most beautiful women who would never look at you in the street will be messaging you to meet up. That’s the magic of the bad-ass profile method – it get’s the most amazing results. Besides, I find that when I make up a little lie about myself it actually gives me a little boost of confidence to think I could be that. It’s a funny psychological trick that might work for you too. Who knows if you don’t try!

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    Tags: casual hook ups, get laid in Tulsa, how to be a confident man, , online hookup sites, singles in my area, young men seeking for mature women   

    How To Get Laid In Tulsa 

    If you want to get laid in Tulsa then you better get online to the hookup sites and start getting laid. Lot’s of the great state of Oklahoma is rural farmland, which means it’s hard to get out there and meet all the lovely ladies who happen to live in this fine state. What’s my solution? Online dating sites that are just jam packed with single ladies and men of all ages who like confident men, are ready to flirt, and are curious to start hooking up with you. That’s the easiest way to go, but once you are on there, you wanna start figuring out how to go about meeting the right kind of ladies that suit your personality. It’s definitely true that some of the younger ladies are looking for Mr. Right. These are the ladies to avoid. They are conservative types with loads of baggage that will just tie you down in the long run.

    In my experience, as a 52 year old lady who has been through two marriages, there are a number of great ways to get laid in Tulsa without having to worry about relationship hangups. Here’s how I recommend going about doing it, whether you are a 19 year old man or 79 year old lady. There are so many online cougar dating sites out there if you just opened your eyes and looked for some casual hook ups.

    sex in tulsaGetting Laid In Tulsa

    How To Be A Confident Young Man

    Us ladies love young men who are confident and strong. Especially those guys who are silent and strong, who know when to lay low and let other’s do the entertaining. Definitely in Oklahoma you are going to want to stress that in your description. My best friend’s husband is a strong silent cowboy, and both my sisters are married to strong silent types. If you don’t know how to be a confident man, then you can at least pretend to be online.

    Ladies also love men you are confident in how they approach communication online. So men: if you want casual hook ups, then just go out and say it before anything else. Being confident in what you want makes it easier for ladies to know how to read you. If you don’t have the time for relationship talk, then I suggest looking into some of the sites geared towards online hookups for sex The same goes for ladies: if you want a relationship oriented dating site, then make sure you do the research. It will lead to faster rates of success for you anyways, so just take the plunge and sort out your relationship status before it’s too late.

    How To Get More Casual Hookups

    This goes for both men and women, but mostly women: when you are chatting away with someone, don’t go into a bunch of details about past relationships and how tough it has been. No one on the internet wants to know about it, and no one else is sharing that kind of stuff for the simple reason that it get’s in the way. We are all trying to create something exciting and new to forget about our past experiences, so join the club and start looking forward rather than backwards.

    Another tip is for men: I suggest offering to pick ladies up from their home, and dropping them off after the date. Not only is it gentlemanly and nice, but it makes sex a lot more likely. Almost all the men that offer that too me have gotten luck – so that’s a pretty good sign for all you men out there. I know from my research that there are a lot of singles in my area, and I bet there are a lot in your area too.

    My third dating tip is for both genders: be flirty, and don’t say no to joining a live cam dating site. Being flirty is just the best way to break the ice. If you are stuck for a conversation topic, ask about their pets. He or she is bound to have a dog, or maybe even some cute farm animals, so it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll get a positive reaction.

    Being flirty also means insinuating that you want to see more, that you want more out of the other person. It’s very sexy to be flirted with, and always escalates the conversation towards sex – which is what we all want, right?

    When it comes to web cams I just can’t say enough about how great they are. Especially in Tulsa where a lot people live outside the city, it’s so fun to be able to plug into their life without having to spend a whole afternoon on it.

    Singles In My Area

    What do I say to some of the singles in my area? Well, first thing’s be curious. If you are a confident man it can be hard to show curiosity – but I guarantee it’s one of the secret tips that all us women just love to see. We don’t want to be the one’s going into all the questioning. It’s really nice to have someone ask a bunch of personal questions about yourself right? Well, try it on the next match you get and see what happens. If they shy away from you then it’s time to move on. But most likely they will take warmly too it, and invite you in for more. It’s a sign of maturity and confidence to be able to stop talking about yourself and listen to someone else. It will make hooking up that much easier, that’s a given.

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