How To Stop Sucking At Dating: 5 Ways To Find Inner Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to being successful with women - if you want a good date, a date that will lead to more, you need to be strong, powerful, and full of confidence. No matter what anyone says, a confident man will have much more success with the ladies than someone who doubts themselves. But finding that inner confidence can sometimes be easier said than done. We know. We've been there. But that's no excuse - you need to value yourself more. It's sexy. It's powerful. It's what gets you more dates and second dates and women chasing after you rather than the other way around. It turns you into one of those men who never have problems getting a date, the ones who have the balls for cheating on a girlfriend and then go back for more. It makes you a superhero. And soon you'll learn all the secrets.

Want Confidence With Women? You Need To Look Good!

Clothes definitely maketh the man, and when it comes to having confidence with women, it's more important than ever. Taking the time and making the effort to wear fashionable makes a massive difference. Not only with the ladies notice you - and interact with you - but you'll feel better about yourself at the same time. And having self confidence is half the battle. So, make it on trend, make it clean, make sure it's ironed, and make sure it fits. Remember these key factors when it comes to your clothing and that first impression is going to be a good one. Your confidence will soar once you see how well she reacts to your suave suit.

Grooming Counts

But it's not just about clothing, is it? There are other things that go towards making a man look good and irresistible to women. Grooming is all a part of the package. That's not to say you need to shave off your beard if you have one - you've got to keep your uniqueness, after all (and of course, you'll have the confidence to totally be yourself), but you do need to make sure it's suitable for a date. No day old food stuck in it. No fuzzy bits of too long growth hanging around. Make it neat, make it tidy. The same goes for your hair. Looking good gives you confidence; it's that simple.


Hey, you can be a Greek God of gorgeousness, but if your manners leave something to be desired you've got to have some hefty pulling power to get that second date (or even make it through the first one). If you make a beautiful woman's acquaintance and then go ahead and burp, fart, pick your nose, scratch your balls, or any number of other things that men do in the comfort of their own home, things are not going to go well, and that is just going to undermine your hard fought self confidence. We know everyone does it. It's just that no one - least of all the woman you're trying to impress - wants to know about it. She doesn't want to see it. She doesn't want to smell it. Manners is about being a gentleman too. You could look the best you've ever looked, but if every other word out of your mouth is an expletive… bye bye! Once you're more comfortable with one another, find, go ahead, maybe she curses like a sailor too, but on the first date? No. No. No. Have the confidence in your own ability to be polite and mindful of your date.

Plan In Advance

Small talk is hard. Really hard. But so is sitting in silence desperately trying to think of something to say to your date. Planning out topics in advance might sound geeky and like too much hard work, but you'll be glad you did it in the end. A woman will always appreciate a man she can talk to, and if you've got some fascinating topics of conversation tucked up your proverbial sleeve, your confidence is going to be sky-high. Especially if she responds and you get a proper, grown up, conversation going. Imagine that! So what exactly are these interesting conversation pieces? Well, it's not about your work or your mates that she's never met. It's not about what you watched on TV last night. Try to broaden your horizons and go for something a little more cerebral - read the papers and pick a few stories that you think might work well. But nothing too controversial; you don't want a row on the first date!

Don't Go Chasing!

Finally, a confident man has no need to chase women - women will come to him. And sometimes being confident is a matter of ‘faking it until you make it'. In this case, that means not begging, not coming across as desperate, and keeping your words, your voice, your tone, and your demeanour in general that of a winner. Make them come to you - your self confidence will be boosted no end.