5 Ways to Hide your Cheating

Hide Your Cheating — Keep Your Partner Happy

The main incentive to hide your cheating is keeping your partner happy. I've been in that position, and I imagine that you have too. As people who have cheated, there's really no emotional weight heavier to carry than the weight of knowing that a deed you've done has the potential to crush someone else. So, take it from me — do all you can to hide your cheating ways in order to make sure that your partner won't be devastated with news of what you've done.

Cover Your Steps

Make sure that there is no morsel of cheating evidence in all of Hervey Bay, Australia that can point back to the fact that you've cheated. Leave no rock unturned, and I almost mean that literally. This means that you take great pains to cover all your steps in removing browser history evidence that would indicate your infidelity, as well as ensuring that no one other than you and your lover knows what you're doing behind your partner's back. Think outside of the box here, because there's really no shortage of things that a partner would do to track down a cheater.

Communicate With Your Lover

Make sure that you communicate with your lover frequently while you're having an affair, and that the lines of interaction are always in tact. A sudden silence on your end will lead your partner to become suspicious, and suspicion is something that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure that your relationship remains vibrant, alive, and communicative while you are engaged in the act of cheating.

Hiding Affairs — Consider All Possibilities

When it comes to hiding affairs, it's important to think of shunning all efforts on behalf of your partner to discover whether you are cheating. This means that you must ensure that no one got into your phone when you weren't looking, and that you weren't followed when you met your lover at the hotel. When suspicion strikes, your partner might do everything they can to catch you in the act, so you must avoid that at all costs. I'm particularly familiar with the importance of this point, since one of my ex partners once implanted a gps tracker in my car when I was on my way to see my lover. I actually had the foresight to check my car that day, so I ended up avoiding the horrible confrontation. Still, it serves as a lesson that you can never really be too comfortable.

Getting Caught — It's Not Over Yet

If the worst case actually arises, and your partner catches you red-handed with your lover, it's important to keep in mind that this isn't necessarily the end of the relationship. In fact, in my experience, every time I was caught red-handed in bed with a lover by my partner, we always managed to rekindle our flame and work on the relationship past the incident. Of course, I would keep on cheating again and again, so the relationship eventually always ends up fizzling out. However, I'm somewhat of a lost cause when it comes to this sort of thing; if you get caught cheating by the one you love, and you're devastated enough by the guilt to want to work on the relationship past that point, there's always a possibility that your lover will take you right back.